Herpes is a genital infection caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, which can also lead to cold-sores on the mouth. In about 80% of cases, there are no symptoms, however where they do occur they most commonly include:

  • Painful genital skin
  • Blisters, ulcers or holes in the genital skin which usually appear 4-7 days after first time exposure and can last 5-14 days before the skin returns to normal.


Herpes is usually chronic and can recur unpredictably and so even though it is not a dangerous or life-threatening health problem, it can be psychologically difficult to deal with.


Testing for the virus involves the use of swab and/or blood tests. If you have had unprotected sex or noticed changes or lesions, book an appointment with one of our doctors here or call us on 02074991581.

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