Contraception is a term used to describe methods that can be used to prevent pregnancy. Some methods, such as condoms, can also prevent the passing of STI’s. There are many different methods of contraception and the type that works best for you depends on your health and circumstances.


The majority of contraceptive methods are temporary and preventative, such as:

  • Condom (male and female) – one of the most common forms of contraception which can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription. Can also offer protection against STI’s.
  • The pill – another very common method of contraception  that comes close to 99% if taken every day as prescribed
  • Diaphragm – a barrier contraception method for females, but does not prevent STI’s and requires a doctor to show you how to use it and to write a prescription. Can have multiple uses unlike the condom.
  • Intrauterine device (IUD) – a long term solution (5-10 years) that stops eggs implantinf in the uterus. It has to be inserted by a doctor and will most likely require check-ups in the first few weeks to check for infection. The effectiveness of the device is above 99%
  • Implant – the implant is another long term option that typically lasts 3 years. It contains progestin, the same hormone found in the pill, which is slowly released into your body for the duration of the implant.


Other preventative methods include the cervical cap, vaginal ring, spermicide, injections, the contraceptive sponge and contraceptive patch.


Where emergency contraception is required, the most common form is the pill commonly called the ‘morning after pill’ although some types can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex. As well as being preventative, the IUD can also be fitted as emergency contraception within 5 days of unprotected sex.


Permanent methods of contraception, known as sterilization, are available for both men (vasectomy) and women. Both offer more than 99% protection against pregnancy.

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