Auriga Flavo-C Serum - 15ml


The Flavo-C Serum formulation contains:

  •  8% Vitamin-C (L-ascorbic acid)
  •  30% Ginko Biloba

The serum helps to  reduce wrinkels and fine lines and effectively combats the sign of skin ageing leaving the skin with a healthy glow.

Auriga Flavo-C Forte - 15ml


The Flavo-C forte Formaulation contains:

  • 15% vitamin-c (L-ascorbic acid)
  • 30% Ginko biloba

Helps in the prevention of skin ageing, reduces deep wrinkles (Lip contour, crow's feet, brow lines) and effectively combats skin ageing by simulating the formation of collagen fibers.

Auriga Melaclear Serum - 15ml


The Melaclear Serum formulation contains:

  • 10% vitamin-c 
  • Phytic acid and the ROS modulateur system


Helps to elinimate  brown blemishes linked to pingmention problems, melasma and lentigo.

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