Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine and loss of bladder control. It is a very common problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Although it is more common in elderly people, incontinence is not an inevitable consequence of ageing. The problem can be split into four main types each of which has different potential causes:


  • Stress incontinence – when urine leaks are caused by an increased pressure on the bladder such as when coughing or sneezing. This type is usually caused by a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles or urethral sphincter.


  • Urge incontinence – when you have a sudden urge to urinate, causing urine to leak. Urge incontinence is usually a result of over activity of the detrusor muscles that control the bladder.


  • Overflow incontinence – when you are unable to fully empty the bladder due to a blockage or obstruction,  causing urine to leak frequently


  • Total incontinence – when your bladder in unable to prevent urine passing leading to constant leaking. This could be because of a spinal injury or bladder fistula. It may also be due to a problem with the bladder from birth.


As well as ageing, pregnancy, birth, obesity and a family history of incontinence can increase the chance of it developing.


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