Physiotherapy can help to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability through exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.


The physiotherapy clinic provides the highest standard of professional care treating all musculoskeletal problems including:


Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be caused by not warming up properly before exercising, using inadequate equipment, pushing yourself too hard or an accident.

Common injuries treated are sprains and strains, tendonitis, which can sometimes lead to cartilage and ligament damage.


Running Injuries

Running injuries are commonly overuse injuries which gradually develop over time.

Common running injuries include: runners knee, shin splints, anterior compartment syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, stress fractures, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and many more.


Back and Neck Pain

Physiotherapy for the back and neck focuses on the structures that supports the spine and it's joints including muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Common problems treated are lower back pain, sciatica, disc problems, stiff or painful neck, whiplash etc.


Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries can occur due to a fall, direct blow, overuse or dislocation. 

Untreated shoulder injuries can become stiff and could lead to frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis.

Common injuries include tendonitis, fractures, tears, strains and dislocations.


Therapy techniques used:

  • ​Myofascial Release
  • Manual Therapy
  • ​​Therapeutic Massage
  • ​Pilates based Rehabilitation
  • ​Mobilisations

The long term goals of physiotherapy are:


1. To educate patients on the importance of stretching and strengthening which will in turn help to manage pain and accelerate tissue healing.

2. To educate the patient on correct posture and ergonomic principles to preserve the spine.

3. To accelerate the stages of healing through reducing pain and the inflammatory cycle by:

Restoring muscular flexibility, joint mobility, spinal motion through stretching and strengthening the relevant muscles. 

4. To prevent future occurrences.


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