Urinalysis is a diagnostic tool used to detect and manage various disorders including:

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)
  • Kidney Disease
  • Diabetes

The test is a quick and economical way of monitoring patient progress to see whether or not certain conditions are improving.


There are three primary methods used to examine the sample:


Visual Examination

The doctor will look for any abnormalities in appearance or smell which can indicate an infection or blood in your urine.


Dipstick Test

The doctor will insert a chemically treated stick in your sample and it will change colour depending on the substances present in the urine. The test looks out for:

  • Blood
  • pH levels or acidity – high pH can indicate urinary tract or kidney issues
  • Bilirubin – can indicate red blood cell death
  • Sugars – can indicate diabetes
  • Protein


Microscopic Exam

In this exam, urine is placed under the microscope to look out for:

  • Crystals – can indicate kidney stones
  • Abnormal red or white blood cells – may be a sign of infection, kidney disease, bladder or blood cancer
  • Epithelial cells – can indicate the presence of a tumour
  • Infections or yeasts

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