Weight Loss

The PronoKal Method® is a personalized weight loss and slimming treatment based on a strict programme that controls the intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals by the patient, while reducing the ingestion of lipids and carbohydrates.


It is conducted under medical supervision and complemented by a multidisciplinary team of professionals (registered dietitians, psychological adviser and personal trainer).The work of doctors and dietitians is complemented with the participation of the personal trainer and psychological coach. The role of the personal trainer is to advise the patient on appropriate exercises for each stage of treatment (many of which can be done at home). The aim is to speed-up the metabolic rate, accelerating the weight loss and improving muscle tone. The psychological coach helps the patient to find the intellectual and emotional tools that reinforce the commitment to following the path towards acquiring a healthy weight and improved quality of life. 



The method is divided into three stages: active, re-education and maintenance.These three stages are designed to enable the patient to reach the desired weight and maintain it long term thanks to having acquired new knowledge, healthier eating habits and the introduction of physical exercise into the daily routine.

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