Protect your skin from UV and ageing damage with the CLINICALLY PROVEN Heliocare.


The Heliocare range of high or very high UVB and UVA protection products is designed to enable specific presentations to be matched with an individual’s skin-type, lifestyle, skin-health and the time of year.


Heliocare Advanced Body Spray SPF 50 - 125ML - only £23.00


Heliocare Advanced SPF 50 Spray is perfect for protection in heavy sun exposure. Heliocare gives the anti-aging protection. It is suitable for all skin types.

Spray and gentely massage ensuring coverage of the exposure, body areas(non-facial).


Heliocare Advanced Cream SPF 50 - 50ml - only £20.00


Heliocare Cream is specifically designed to be used on the face for normal to dry skin. Heliocare Cream provides high level UVA/UVB protection. Heliocare Cream can be used for the daily prevention of sun damage and can be used under mineral make up.

Heliocare Advanced Gel SPF 50 - 50ml - only £21.00


Heliocare Gel is a sun block for all skin types and colours. It is easy to apply and the consistency of the gel means it rubs straight into the skin and does not leave any residue. The product is perfect if your skin is sensitive to the sun and is mainly used for the face, but can be applied to hands, feet, neck and chest area too. This sunscreen is also suitable to use with your current skin products.


Heliocare Ultra SPF50+ Gel - 50ml - only £23.50

Heliocare Ultra SPF50+ Gel is ideal for those with highly UV sensitive skin or people who’s skin-health is impaired or recovering.

It provides very high UVB and UVA protection and also contains a skin-compatible anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that can provide additional help in these circumstances.


Heliocare Ultra SPF90 Cream - 50ml - only £23.00


Heliocare Ultra SPF90 Cream is a gentle yet powerful sunscreen is terrific for protecting your fragile skin areas such as around your eyes. If you have Laser Hair Reduction or Microdermabrasion then you will find this the perfect sunscreen to prevent sun damage when your skin is vulnerable.

Heliocare Capsules - 60 capsules - only £27.00


Heliocare oral supplements contain 3 natural ingredients (beta-carotene, green tea and a natural fern extract) that help protect you against the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. With Heliocare you reduce skin damage brought on by daily exposure and maintain your skin's elasticity. Heliocare provides cell protection in the epidermis and protects skin cell DNA. 

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